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I. Organizational actions

2018 г.

Organizational sessions of the PAC members

Shape finish: a protocol of a meeting

Responsive: Secretary of PC

II. Coordination of international and interregional scientific cooperation on arms control, non-proliferation, reduction and prohibition of the use of weapons of mass destruction, general and regional security, energy and environmental security, development of international and interregional scientific links, social responsibility of the scientific community, history of science and international relations:

march, 2018

Development of international cooperation in nuclear physics, radiation materials science, radioecology, information technologies

Shape finish: RJoint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR), Dubna, Russian Federation

Responsive: Members of PC    

march-april, 2018

Assistance in the development of promising joint scientific projects and programs of PAC members with scientists and staff of the Pugwash Movement of Scientists (hereinafter referred to as the PDU)

Shape finish:

Suggestions from members of the PAC.  Suggestions to Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs


Members of PC Secretary PKK

06 – 10 August,

Assistance in training X International Conference "Monitoring of Nuclear Tests and Their Consequences" in Almaty

Shape finish: Suggestions and participation PCSWA, members of PAC Secretary of PC

Responsive:  RGI Institute of geophysics studies, Ministry of energy  2018 

August 2018

Assistance in the preparation of the International Conference of Young Scientists and Specialists organization of the CTBT in Kurchatov

Shape finish: Suggestions to Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs

Responsive: Secretary of PC and NNC of Kazakhstan

III. Recommendations of the GAC in the field of election to executive positions, to the Council and the Executive Committee and other permanent governing and advisory bodies of the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs

September 2018 

Development of proposals on the recommendations of scientists from among the members of the PAC to the bodies of the RCU

Shape finish: Suggestions from members of the PAC

Responsive: Secretary of PC    

October 2018 

Submitting proposals from the PAC for election to the remote control authorities.

Shape finish: Offers in the remote control

Responsive: Seacretary of PC

IV. Preparation and holding of conferences and other events of the RCU, approval of the topics of reports and the personal composition of the Kazakhstan participants in them

Мarch 2018 

he participation of the PAC delegation in the work of the annual conference of national Pugwash Committees of European Countries "EuroPaguos-2018" 2nd half of 2018

Shape finish: Program and condition specification participation in the organizing committee "EuroPaguos-2018"

Responsive: Secretary of PC

13-16 June 2018, Bergen (Norwey)

Study of the possibility of holding the "Nobel Symposium" in cooperation with the Norwegian Institute of the Nobel Peace Prize and the PAC

Shape finish: Confirmation of the participation of the PAC members (if co-financing is available Forum.

Responsive: Leadership Secretary

V. Assistance in the establishment and development of links between Kazakhstani scientific organizations, higher education institutions and individual scientists with the Pugwash movement of scientists; involving young scientists and specialists of scientific organizations and higher educational institutions of Kazakhstan in the activities of the Pugwash movement of scientists, their participation in the activities of the International Student and Youth Pugwash Movement

October 2018             

Development of proposals for the creation of a youth wing in the PAC

Shape finish: Proposals to scientific research institutes, universities to young scientists    

Responsive: Secretary of  PC