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Composition of Youth Department PCK

Aleksyuk Madina Saparbayevna

PhD in ecology

Job: Research and development center for   microbiology and virology

Position: Senior scientist researcher, Antiviral protection laboratory


Baikenov Zhassulan Yerbolovich


Job: Law and International Relations Department, KAFU

Position: Head of KAFU President Administration,   Senior teacher

Belyayev Yerzhan Kelesovich

Associated professor, PhD

Job: Applied mechanics and engineering drawing department, Satbayev KazNTU


Botov Arterm Alexandrovich

Job: RSE GSI, Kurchatov

Position: Head of Radiation safety department

Zdorovets Maxim Valdimirovich

Associated professor, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, academician KNANS

Job: RSE " Institute of nuclear physics”

Position: Director of the branch of RSE " Institute of nuclear physics” in Nur-Sultan


Kenesov Bulat Nurlanovich

Candidate of chemical sciences, professor

Job: Department of analytical, colloid chemistry and technology of rare materials, Al-Farabi KNU, Almaty

Position: Director, CPCMA


Karashev Talgat Kalimbekovich

Job: Kazenergy Association

Position: Director, International cooperation department

Makhambetov Asset Kenesbekovich

Job: NAC Kazatomprom JSC

Position: Head of Analytics office, NFC Department

Miniyazov Arman Zhanarbekovich

Ph.D. candidate

Job: RSE NNC of the RK

Position: Head of Laboratory, Atomic Energy Institute

Mussabayev Rustam Rafikovich

Candidate of Engineering Sciences


Position: Head of laboratory

Rakhadilov Bauyrzhan Korabayev


Job: Atomic Energy Institute, RSE NNC

Position: Senior scientist researcher

Serzhanova Zarina Beisembayevna

Job: Institute of Radiation safety and ecology,  NNC of the RK

Position: 2 category engineer

Tarlykov Pavel Viktorovich

Job: RSE “National center for bioltechnology”

Position: Head of laboratory