Pugwash Committee of Kazakhstan

Development and strengthening of international scientific relations

Contributes to the achievement of the goals and achievements of the main tasks and functions of KazNAEN.

Organizes and coordinates international and interregional scientific cooperation on disarmament Organizes the preparation for conferences of the Pugwash movement of scientists and other events.. Promotes the involvement of young scientists and specialists of scientific organizations and higher educational institutions of Kazakhstan. The Committee in its activity is guided by the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Action plan for 2017-2018

Organizational arrangements, coordination of international and interregional scientific cooperation, preparation and holding of conferences and other events, assistance in establishing and developing links between Kazakhstani scientific organizations, higher education institutions and individual scientists with the Pugwash movement.

Organizational work by creation of PPC (development and implementation of PC)


The organizational work is about 62 members of the PCK Conference of PCSWA in Astana


Providing the first meeting of the PKK


Organization of the activity of secretariat


International traffic websites

The Pugwash movement is present in 34 countries.