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The Pugwash Committee of Kazakhstan.

The Pugwash Committee of Kazakhstan (hereinafter - the Committee) was established at the Kazakhstan National Academy of Natural Sciences (hereinafter - KazNAEN) as a structural unit.


The Committee does not have the status of a legal entity, it is attached to the Presidium of KazNAEN), acts as the scientific and coordination advisory body of the KazNAEN Presidium.

The Committee was established to develop and strengthen international scientific ties and coordinate the participation of KazNAEN in the activities of the international non-governmental scientific organization Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs, established in accordance with the resolution of the Russell-Einstein Manifesto of July 9, 1955. at an international conference of scientists, held July 7-10, 1957 in Paguosh (Canada).

The Committee in its activity is guided by the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the statute of KazNAN, decisions of KazNaEN, orders and orders of the President of KazNAEN, statutory and programmatic documents of the Pugwash movement of scientists and this Statute.

The Committee carries out its activities in cooperation with the state bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Presidium of KazNAEN and its apparatus, offices, regional branches, as well as with international governing bodies of the Pugwash movement of scientists and national Pugwash Committees. The Committee cooperates with scientific organizations, higher educational institutions, public and professional associations, and mass media.

KazNAEN carries out the financial, material, technical and economic support of the Committee and, in accordance with the established procedure, pays an annual membership fee in the Pugwash movement of scientists.

The Presidium of KazNAN provides the Committee with the necessary organizational and informational assistance in its work, including technical support of the work of the Committee's official website.

The seat of the Committee is Astana.