Participation in the program of the Japan Atomic Energy Agency for the HRD for Asian countries

The PCK Secretariat informs that from 1 to 3 August 2023, Miniyazov A.Zh. - Member of the PCK, head of the Youth branch of the committee, head of the laboratory of the branch "Institute of Atomic Energy" RSE NNC RK took part and lectured in the training course on the "Reactor technologies" to the course participants from 8 countries participating in the Japanese instructor training program. The event was held at the JAEA training center in Tokai, Japan.

The Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) is implementing a training program for the nuclear industry in the developing countries of Asia. As part of the JAEA program, it actively practices invitations to international courses in Japan as foreign lecturers of specialists from Asian countries who have previously completed this course as a student and have shown excellent theoretical and practical training in their specialty.

In general, the joint experience of work in the framework of personnel training and close cooperation with JAEA allows to provide a sustainable contribution to the development of the system for training specialists for the nuclear industry. The direct participation of JAEA is expressed in the annual ITC (training of instructors) and AITC (advanced ITC) courses, including the participation of Kazakhstani specialists as invited lecturers, as well as the direct participation of JAEA specialists as lecturers in annual courses based on the NNC RK.

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