Professor Mansurov Z.A. took part in the work "Carbon 2023", Cancun (Mexico)

The PCK Secretariat informs that from July 16 to 21, 2023, Professor Mansurov Z.A., a well-known scientist, member of the PCK, participated in the annual international conference "Carbon 2023" in Cancun (Mexico), dedicated to the multifaceted aspects of the use and research of carbon nanomaterials.

The speech of Professor Mansurov Z.A. at the section "Innovative carbons for sustainable development" aroused special interest of the conference participants, who noted the importance of the results of scientific research related to the production and application of carbon fibers.

Scientists from Kazakhstan presented 15 reports at the conference: Institute of Combustion Problems, al-Farabi KazNU and Nazarbayev University. The presented reports attracted interest among the participants of the conference.

At the conference the reports of the world's leading scientists on the problems of the use of carbon materials were presented and the plenary report of Professor Andrei Geym, Nobel Prize winner, devoted to graphenes made a great impression. Interest was attracted by the works related to the preparation and characterization of mesophase and anisotropic carbon structures.

The sponsors of the conference presented the most advanced instruments and equipment for diagnostics and analysis of carbon materials. Leading companies such as Advanced Material Development, Hiden Isochema, Verder Scientific, Alvatek, Horiba, IOP, etc. organized an exhibition where they presented carbon composite materials produced by them, which are widely used in modern industrial production.

The total number of participants was 238 from 30 countries.

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