2017 was the year of Kazakhstan

2017 was the year of Kazakhstan's success on the world stage. According to experts, today the republic is perceived as a global peacemaker, the leader of the anti-nuclear movement and a key player in the fight against international terrorism. This was promoted by active work in the UN Security Council, where the republic headed the three Committees. Recall that Kazakhstan was the first in history to represent the region of Central Asia, becoming a non-permanent member of the most prestigious organ of the international Organization. And already in January next year the republic will assume the chairmanship in the UN Security Council. MIROSLAV YENCHA, ASSISTANT OF THE UN SECURITY COUNCIL ON POLITICAL ISSUES:

- Your country has proved itself very well, actively participates in solving all global issues. And Kazakhstan now faces a rather serious task - the presidency of the Security Council in January. Under his leadership, the hottest topics related to peace and security on a global scale will be discussed. Recognition of the authority of Kazakhstan is also the negotiations in Astana on Syria. Along with Geneva, it has become an important platform for dialogue between the opposing forces. Specific agreements were reached, including the creation of de-escalation zones, and the improvement of the humanitarian situation. All parties to the conflict, as well as the guarantor countries - Russia, Turkey and Iran - gathered for the first time at the negotiating table. AKKAN SOVER, CHAIRMAN OF STRATEGIC RESEARCH FUND / TURKEY /: - The Astana process has successfully fulfilled the tasks assigned to it. Such as - to convince the conflicting parties to get together and negotiate. It was not easy. We still remember the first meeting in Astana at the beginning of the year. The problem should be solved not at the battlefield, but at the table. The parties understood this well. As a result, today the situation in Syria has stabilized less. FEDERICA MOGERINI, EU SUPREME AUDITOR FOR FOREIGN AFFAIRS AND SECURITY POLICY:

"The Geneva process, as well as the talks on the reduction of violence in Syria, which are fruitfully held in Astana and the work on humanitarian assistance, restoration and stabilization of the situation in Syria, which we are conducting in Brussels - all this will help us unite the efforts of the entire international community and achieve good results. The opening of a low-enriched uranium bank of the IAEA on the basis of the Ulba Metallurgical Plant was no less significant event of the outgoing year. This is another confirmation of the effective policy of Nursultan Nazarbayev. The world supports the initiatives of the Head of our State on the Universal Nuclear-Weapon-Free Declaration and the total ban on the use of atomic energy for military purposes. JAYANTA DANAPALA, PRESIDENT OF THE PAGUOSHIAN CONFERENCE:

- We have already seen the consequences of nuclear explosions. Kazakhstan personally experienced this on himself. We hope that this will not happen again and should unite to solve this global problem. Another event of a global scale is the first summit on science and technology of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. He gathered in Astana 15 heads of state and government and more than 80 foreign delegations. The participants agreed to create a single information base of scientists from Islamic countries. This will allow science people to cooperate with colleagues whose ideas are similar. Also within the framework of the event, a program for the development of science, technology and innovation was adopted until 2026. YUSEF BEN AHMAD AL-OZEIMIN, SECRETARY-GENERAL OIS:

- It can be said with certainty that this is a historic event, when representatives of 57 Islamic countries come together to discuss topical issues in the field of science and technology. I would like to especially note that the meeting in such a large representation became possible due to the authority of the President of Kazakhstan. The authority of Kazakhstan in the international arena is steadily growing. And the events of 2017 once again showed that the republic is a full-fledged player on the world political map, whose opinion is considered.