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Mansurov Zulkhair Aymukhametovich

Doctor of chemical sciences

Job: RGI «Institute of combustion problems» 

Position: Chief Director    

Moldabekov Meyrbek Moldabekovich

Doctor of technical sciences

Job: Aerospace committee of Ministry of defense and aerospace industry 

Position: Advisor of chairman

Mambetkaziyev Yerezhep Alhairovich

Doctor of the chemical sciences

Job: Kazakh-American Free University

Position: President

Miniyazov Arman Zhanarbekovich

Master of Physics (MPhys)

Job:  RSE NNC of the RK

Position: Chairman of the Council of young scientists RGE «National nuclear center»

Mukysheva Mayra Kizatovna

Doctor of technical sciences

Job: Branch in Nur-Sultan RGE «National nuclear center of RK»

Position: Director of Branch 

Masalimov Zhaksylyk Kairbekovich

Candidate of biological sciences

Job: L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian National University

Position: Associate Professor at the Department of Biotechnology and Microbiology