Scientific and educational networks – an advanced tool for science and education during pandemic

Today, the issues of the development of information technologies are very relevant, as a branch of science responsible for the implementation and development of advanced tools of science and education, taking into account the possible impact of the role of AI and the cybersphere.

As part of the activities of the Pugwash Committee of Kazakhstan and in accordance with the approved decision of the Presidium of KazNANS, the PCK action plan for 2020, on November 27 of this year, an online seminar was held on the topic "Scientific and educational networks - an advanced tool for science and education during pandemic".

The event was organized by the Pugwash Committee of Kazakhstan together with the Association of Users of the Scientific and Educational Computer Network of Kazakhstan "KazRENA" with the participation of the Youth branch of the PCK and the technical support of the Atomic Energy Information Center at the NSK. (Appendix 1 - Seminar programm).

Moderator of the online seminar - Arman Miniyazov opened the event by introducing the main participants. A welcoming speech was made by Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences Barys Zhaparov, noting the relevance of the topic of the role of information technologies and the important role in ensuring international scientific and technical cooperation and the involvement of Kazakhstani scientists and students in the work of the world's leading scientific centers and laboratories. He emphasized that information security is one of the most important areas of development and cooperation.

Speaker of the seminar – Askar Idrissov presented a presentation devoted to a detailed discussion of the integration of scientific institutions, universities and laboratories into the international scientific and educational space.

New integration tools were showcased such as eduGAIN, eduROAM, GRID networks, virtual 2 labs, digital libraries and more. New advanced technologies of university management and new technologies of digital education and campus management were shown separately. Cybersecurity technologies and capabilities were also presented, including the KazRENA-based Cybersecurity Training Center (Appendix 2 - Presentation).

At the online seminar, invited leading domestic scientists, including members of the Pugwash Committee of Kazakhstan, spoke:

  • Professor Mukhametkali Burkitbaev thanked the organizers of the seminar and the speaker Askar Idrisov for the provided informative presentation on the role of information technology in the development of education and science.

    Taking into account the high potential of the platforms presented in the report, which can strengthen scientific and technical cooperation between research institutes and universities, he expressed the opinion on the need to improve the domestic infrastructure of information technology for scientific and educational purposes and ensure interaction between universities in this direction, as an end user. He also recommended to continue seminars on this topic and to consider in more depth topics on the use of information technology in educational activities.
  • Anar Myrzagalieva shared information about the main problems faced by the educational system at the time of the introduction of quarantine and restrictive measures in the country. She noted the role and need for information technology in the framework of the activities of educational institutions, especially in the context of a global pandemic, and at the same time, training teachers and teaching students in new digital conditions is an important contribution to the future development of domestic science and education.
  • Rustam Musabaev emphasized the importance of creating a modern organizational and technical infrastructure to ensure the sustainable development of information technologies, as well as the need to use advanced information technologies to ensure the development of scientific research.

In general, it was possible to reach a wide audience - more than 80 participants were registered at the online seminar, including the teaching staff of universities: well-known scientists - members of the PCK, masters, doctoral students of KazNU named after al-Farabi, KAFU, KazRENA Association, Astana International University and college students of the Eurasian Humanitarian University, Nur-Sultan.

The participants noted the relevance of the seminar and thanked for the information provided. As a result of the event, it should be noted that the new challenges of global digitalization and the development of information technologies require increased attention to information security and cyber issues.

The Pugwash Committee of Kazakhstan expresses its deep gratitude to the leaders of the educational institution for their support and assistance in holding the seminar.