Reporting session at JINR: our young scientists are in the forefront of scientific discoveries

On April 22, 2019, a meeting of Kazakhstani young scientists and specialists working at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (hereinafter - JINR) was held in Dubna (Russian Federation). In accordance with clause 2.1 of the PCC Plan of Events for 2019, we inform that the delegation was headed by a member of the PCC, Professor K.K. Kadyrzhanov.

From the RSE INP ME of RK, the scientific delegation included the head of the laboratory of applied and theoretical materials science of the RSE INP S. B. Kislitsin and director of the branch of the Institute of Nuclear Physics in the city of Nur-Sultan M.V. Healthy.

JINR Vice-Director Itkis M.G. and the Head of the Kazakhstan group at JINR Aznabaev D.T. greeted the colleagues from Kazakhstan.

The meeting was held in the format of the reporting session, where the young scientists and specialists reported on the results of scientific research performed in JINR. Thus, the results of works were presented on formation of the distributed information and computing infrastructure of the JINR Member States organizations using the GRID-technologies, development of a unique Baikal deep-sea neutrino telescope, the experimental studies of cluster structure in exotic nuclei, application of the neutron radiography and tomography methods in various areas of science and etc.

The results of research were presented by more than 20 Kazakhstan specialists. Currently, more than 100 young scientists and specialists from Kazakhstan work and study in the scientific laboratories of JINR.