Kazakh scientists spoke about a new water treatment technology

February 15, 2022 Member of the PCK, founder of Nuclear Energy Consulting & Services, Dr. Ibraev B.M. participated in an online ISTC meeting with ISTC Executive Director David Cleve and members of the ISTC Secretariat to discuss the topic of tritium water treatment.

The meeting was dedicated to a new technology designed to support the Fukushima recovery efforts. The Government of Japan has recently decided to start discarding Fukushima wastewater into the ocean. Prior to that, the contaminated water passes through a filtration system, which removes most of the radionuclides from the contaminated water, except for tritium. In light of that, an international research team headed by Dr Ibrayev B.M. offers a highly effective, low cost and low energy consuming method for the treatment of contaminated water. The technology implies detection and disposal of tritium and other heavy isotopes using a chemical method, followed by a consecutive trap of radioactive waste.

In the course of the meeting, potential new forms of collaboration were discussed through which ISTC could support the promotion of the innovative technology for Tritium Water Treatment, and thus facilitate the development and implementation of the know-how that can troubleshoot the problem of radioactive wastewater.

Based on materials from the ISTC website https://istc.int/ru/article/26052