Congratulations on the 75th birthday of Professor Zulkhair Aimukhametovich Mansurov!

Congratulations on the 75th birthday
of Professor Zulkhair Aimukhametovich Mansurov,
member of the Pugwash Committee of Kazakhstan at KazNAEN!


June 26th, 2021 will celebrate 75 years to an outstanding scientist, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor, Academician of IHEAS, Professor of the Department of Chemical Physics and Materials Science at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, member of the Pugwash Committee of Kazakhstan, Advisor to the Director General - scientific director of the Institute of Combustion - Zulkhair Aimukhameitovich Mansurov.

The field of research of Z.A. Mansurov is related to the study of kinetics and mechanism of hydrocarbon combustion and structure of cold and sooty flames, synthesis and study of nanocarbon materials of different functional purpose.

Z.A. Mansurov — is: 

the Laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Science and Technology (1992),
the Laureate of the First K.I. Satpayev Prize for the Best Scientific Research in Natural Sciences (2002).
K.I. Satpayev for the best scientific research in natural sciences and scientific discovery (2002),
Laureate of the "Altyn Adam" award in the nomination "Scientist of the year" (2019).

Awarded with:

Order "Kurmet" (2004),
Order "Parasat" (2016),
UNESCO Medal "For Contribution to Development of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (2018).

Zulkhair Aimukhametovich teaches people to be caring, sensitive to the problems and joys of others, to be disciplined in their work and persistent in attaining their goals. He is an ideological inspirer, a man of diligence and perseverance, and an example of selfless service to his homeland.

Under his direct supervision more than 50 doctors, candidates and PhDs, including 3 from Egypt, 1 from China and 1 specialist from Cuba defended their dissertations. His students are deans of KazNU and KBTU, heads of departments and laboratories, and work in far and near abroad.

Z.A. Mansurov participates in the activities of the Pugwash Committee of Kazakhstan and contributes directly to the main goals and ideas of the Pugwash scholarly movement.

Zulkhair Aimukhametovich's patriotism, purposefulness, talent as a scientist, teacher and organiser, responsiveness, diligence and respect for people - these are the components of his life success.

The Pugwash Committee of Kazakhstan sincerely congratulates Professor Z.A. Mansurov on his jubilee and wishes him good health, wellbeing, happiness and success in his work and scientific activities!


Chairman of the Pugwash Committee
of Kazakhstan, Professor
V. Shkolnik