About the role of cybersecurity ...

November 10, 2020
Pugwash Secretariat:

«Pugwash intends to analyze and understand the possible role of the cyber domain in stimulating or preventing existing and future conflicts».

Link: https://pugwash.org/2020/11/10/pugwash-document-on-cyber-security-and-warfare/

The above document is the result of several discussions inside Pugwash, including three specific workshops in 2018 (Geneva), 2019 (Bariloche) and 2020 (Geneva). We hope that this document will support the continuation of discussions. We also hope that it will help with the possible definition of concrete proposals, which are not easily identified despite the fact that AI and Cybersecurity are among the most common keywords in public discourse on security issues, including by senior politicians.

Gian Piero Siroli, Pugwash cyber project leader
Götz Neuneck, Pugwash Council
Paolo Cotta Ramusino, Pugwash Secretary-General».