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Organizational actions


Organizational work by creation of PPC (development and implementation of PC)

Shape finish: Resolve Presidium of KazNAEN

Responsive: Zeynullin А.А. , Kokenov Р.


The organizational work is about 62 members of the PCK Conference of PCSWA in Astana

Shape finish: Speech at the Plenary session 6 "Nuclear Threats" by the Chairman of the PAC

Responsive: Batyrbekov  Э.Г., Zeynullin А.А., Akhmetov Т.Z.


Providing the first meeting of the PKK

Shape finish: 

Responsive: Zeynullin А.А., Mukysheva М.К., Akhmetov Т.Z.

Декабрь 2017 г.

Work on a budget project of the PC activity

Shape finish: Statemant

Responsive: Akhmetov Т.Z., Zeynullin А.А., Zhdanova N.А.           

Декабрь 2017 г.

Carrying out the main preparatory works for the creation of the PC website

Shape finish: Creation of the PKC website (www.pugwastana.kz (for example)

Responsive: Secretary of NSK 

Coordination of international and interregional scientific cooperation on arms control, non-proliferation, reduction and prohibition of the use of weapons of mass destruction, general and regional security, energy and environmental security, development of international and interregional scientific links, social responsibility of the scientific community, history of science and international relations:

01.12. 2017г.

Preparation of proposals for international scientific cooperation with leading scientific centers

Shape finish: Determination of the list of leading international scientific organizations (centers) for further cooperation with the PAC

Responsive: Members of committee